Like father, like son.




Team Arrow + Bruised and Battered

Emily Kinney poses for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2014 

“One taught the other how to fight, and one taught the other how to feel.”
Norman Reedus - Walking Dead Magazine Issue #9. This would complete this quote.  (via soufflegirlandbeakyboy)

I haven’t watched Degrassi since they all went off to college/ that movie where they went to Hollywood to visit Paige or w/e. And it’s so weird to me that people are still watching it???

Hahah, like I kinda want to watch it, but after they were moving on to a new batch of characters I was just so done. I liked Spinner’s new gf and Mia and that popular blonde kid whose mom was like a principal or something, but that’s it. 

I missed Miriam, Stacey, Jake, Cassie, and Spike and Snake :(((

Okay, the three of you will get in. Each of us will hold you down until you’re essentially… Well, dead.

Rose McIver and Jennifer Morrison attend Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Closing Night Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, July 26, 2014, in San Diego.


We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, and disease.

I swear I will stop now, and I am not planning to make any more craptastic promo poster edits. Nope. I have not got Shere Khan or Doctor Facilier poster ideas in my head. 

OUAT Wishlist Villains Posters:

  • Captain Barbossa promo poster: [x]
  • Doctor Facilier promo poster: [x]