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So I just started reading the first book in the Vampire Academy series, and from what I’ve seen I don’t think this happens in the series at all….. but the dhampirs as a hybrid species should totally not be okay with, and question, and rebel against the fact that they are valued very little and raised only to be guards for the moroi and warriors?!

I love this series so far, but I can’t stop being pissed about the fact that dhampirs are treated so horribly from such a young age and basically given no choice. And can any relationship between a moroi and a human/dhampir ever be pure? because it seems that quite a bit of moroi hold little regard for anyone who is not moroi so it seems like that kind of relationship would just be based on the need for more little dhampirs to be raised and trained only for a specific purpose. Based on what I know so far of Rose and Dimitri, their moroi fathers didn’t stick around very long…

It just seems shady. I just want Rose and Dimitri to run away and get married and just say ‘fuck u’ to that whole bullshit vampire social hierarchy.


I can basically hear Jen’s thoughts here.
"How come she gets to wear a braid? I want a braid. Let me braid my hair. I can even do it myself!"

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New FANTASTIC photos of George & his parents to commemorate his first birthday! xx