i just finished bitten and idgi why everyone wants elena? i understand she is a super special little snowflake werewolf, but once they have her what are they gonna do with her bc she’s just gonna be a slave, she’s never going to willingly go with wolves other than the pack/clayton. like, does everyone just want to ‘breed’ with her, or… ?

also, why does malcolm hate jeremy so much. like, if you didn’t want to have a son, then you should have just not had a son or abandoned him. did he only pursue having a son as an heir? and what did he mean by a son like jeremy when he said he especially didn’t want a son like him? a son who was more powerful than him and became alpha?

also i wanna know about jeremy’s mom, nick’s mom, elena’s true parents, and clayton’s true parents. my goodness, i need this show to give some more answers or clues to these answers at least.

are the books that the series is based on worth reading???

sad bc i finished off the package of double stuffed oreos earlier today when i got home from work :(

and i want them now. i want more.

I know how you kiss. I’d have gone after her.

by Bliss Katherine


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Feeling very Mad Max in this #GOTG set pic. (x)

English Cream Dachshund