Eh, I believe that Jaime does genuinely love his children when it gets down to it, and yes even Joffrey. But I think he only really thinks about them as a part of him when it’s life or death. Other than that I think he thinks of them purely as Cersei’s children. They are all Cersei, she bore them and raised them by herself. They are true Lannisters and were created purely from her and her twin - to her, her and Jaime are one, so she basically created those children just from herself. She only loves them, she only loves herself.

She’s not pushing Jaime away because of propriety, but because Joffrey is hers. Jaime has done next to nothing for him, and definitely has not been a parent. Cersei believes she is the only one who has claim to Joffrey, and she’s very clearly the only one who holds any sort of true love for him. Jaime loves him as his blood, his son, but he doesn’t actually know Joffrey well enough to properly love him. Even before Cersei pushes him away there is a certain awkwardness when he touches Joffrey, he never held him as a babe and the contact is visibly awkward and unsure.

I think she loves Jamie to the degree that she likes that she is so loved by him and worshipped by him. He is her brother, her twin and that means a lot, but when he comes back a broken man she doesn’t recognize any of the strength in him that she feels in herself. They’ve grown apart. She realizes they are not the same person despite sharing so much with him - children, parents, dna, pride, sexual discovery, love. They are two separate entities and when she realizes that she pulls away from him and loves him only in longing for the past, and all that she has lost. I think there’s a very obvious symbol of them fucking for the last time in front of their first son’s dead body, the first tangible product of their love.

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